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We design, publish and sell photography coffee table books.



Turn your work into a professional looking photography book. Design your coffee table book. With our new book templates it is fast and easy.


Publishing photography books is your new gate to the future of success.. With your subscription you receive access to our ready templates. They are available in many different formats.


To sell your photography coffee table books, ebooks or portfolios created with Camerapixo Team you first need to create a free Peecho account which will allow you to follow all sales and to withdraw the money.

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A coffee table photography book by Camerapixo is not just a book. It’s an inspiration and perfect companion to photography and beyond related conversation with family, friends, co-workers or simply companion for yourself to recharge your creativity. Ideas come unexpectedly but they are driven by our passion and triggered by stunning photographs that are not exclusively of famous photographers but worldwide photographers with different visions and stories. So whether it is to entertain guests or it serves to inspire conversation, it is a collection covering architecture, science and nature, culture, sport, portrait and different subjects and emotions. They’re thoughtful, inspiring.


Creating a photography publication of your work is one of the most important things you can accomplish as photographer. You may design the book by yourself and spend a lot of time on this project or we suggest to use our ready templates for the books. They are designed specially for photographers. We care about the quality of our designs and we are very proud to give you the access to them in our online tools.

You can count on professional cooperation with us as a publisher, and with our graphic design studio. If you need to change anything in the book, we can assist you promptly. Which is also why we use printing on-demand service, because it allows you to update your book anytime.



Self-publishing is very easy and quick process. Depends on your need and services you want to use. There are many platform online where you can sell your photography books. We know them all. We can give you advice which one is good for you. Self-publishing is very easy and quick process. It offers creative freedom. Self-publishing is a form of your creative vision, the book will not just illustrate the art, it is the art. The book may be produced as limited edition and often becomes a collector’s item, whether it’s a digital or printed on demand version of the book. Depending on your needs and services you want to use.

There are many platforms online where you can sell your photography books. We know them all and are always happy to help you choose the right one. We have good experience in publishing.


Printing on-demand makes it easy for photographer/reader to order even a one copy of the book. Camerapixo chose this option because of the ability to produce books or magazines for a customer on an “AS NEEDED” basis with superb print quality and no hassle excellent customer support, no matter if you order 1, 10 or 100 copies. How it works: when a customer order the chosen book, the order is sent to one of the few printers that we work with (depends on location), and whichever is closest to customer location. The order is processed and waits in the queue to be printed, this allows for the costs to be lower even when you order only one copy. No more problems to stock a huge pile heavy books, no more storage problem.

Printing on-demand is a great option if you don’t want to have to deal with shipping. Orders will automatically be printed by your customer specifications, packed and shipped around the globe. It’s a total solution to all of your shipping problems.



As a photographer who is Camerapixo Press member you may sell the book through your own profile or through our social media platforms. It is easy and possible thanks to our partner  To do that you will have to create a free account with Peecho via our website by clicking on the blue button below. Promoting your photo book is very important for you and for us. We pay great attention to this and put a big commitment. Selling books is not easy, but if this is an interesting product it can be very interesting for the buyers.

Note that photography book is also an ideal marketing tool for your photography.

8 reasons why coffee table books are great




Great portfolio

Easy to design

Easy to publish

Easy to print

Marketing tool


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