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Being published matters!
Camerapixo Press

Welcome all who are passionate about photography, all for whom photography is the way of life and those who simply enjoy it. We promote outstanding work of pro and amateur photographers, models, stylists… Camerapixo PRESS is an independent international photography magazine. It is published monthly, sometimes twice a month, in the most desired formats ready to view ONLINE in the browser and on all mobile devices as well as HARD COPY. It is different from all other publications, the magazine promotes and inspires. It shows the world through the prism of the lens. Presents creative worldwide photography.

Camerapixo Press team invites talented photographers to publishes their stunning work. We present interviews with photographers of all photography genres who uncover their secrets, talk about their passion and adventure with photography. Here you can find different photography resources. Either you publish one shot or full profile you are always exposed to international audience. Publish, get a profile and get visible as a photographer and here is much more you can do on Camerapixo PRESS.

We are very passionate about photography and making photographers stand out in the crowd. BEING PUBLISHED MATTERS is a statement that truly relates to to each published magazine. Each photographer is unique and so is this community, enjoy.

Unique point of view
and professionalism

Camerapixo Press is well established photography magazine that publishes simply best photography and makes photography viewers into photography enthusiasts. Here a photographer is part of the team. Nourished by the gratitude of its benefactors and powered by the reach of social networking, this community has produced a wide variety of high-quality magazine. Every single contribution supports the entire community, and the community supports these contributors with traffic and word-of-mouth advertising: the networking effect at its best.

We are a team of people who have photography, design and publishing close to their hearts. Our unique point of view is an unbeatable combination of knowledge, team spirit and commitment to the photography community and our customers. A satisfied photographer is the ultimate goal for Camerapixo Press and we achieve this goal by always doing more. Camerapixo Press therefore always manages to surprise and is never satisfied with less than the very best.

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