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COVER PHOTO Frédéric Ducos
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How to Start with Drone Training Programs

Drone training programs are a great way to get excellent hands-on experience in flying drones. On top of this, these programs will also prepare you to become a fully-licensed pilot. If you’re thinking about getting ready for your first take off, keep on reading to...

A few questions to Noa Nick

How did you start with photography? I always captured moments in my childhood. I started with a Zenit camera. I documented family events. Then I stopped for a while and after the birth of my children I picked up a Kodac C310 again. I started being...

A few questions to John M Dabbs

How did you start with photography? I began with a point and shoot camera made by Kodak, that was similar to the Polaroid One-Step. I progressed from there to a Fuji 35mm point and shoot that I loved and used for many years. My passion for...

LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back

Dear Film Photography Friendsers, We are proud to introduce you to the latest Lomography invention, a much-requested revival from the large format community – the LomoGraflok 4×5 Instant Back. The world's first Instant Back for 4×5 cameras designed for Fujifilm Instax Wide is now available for...

A few questions to Pedros Fortuna Gomes

How did you start with photography? My passion for photography comes from my grandfather and from the hours I spent with him in the dark room I was 10 years old, the whole process was fascinating What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your...


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