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COVER PHOTO Frédéric Ducos
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A few questions to Steven Bridge

How did you start with photography?? I started out taking shots of a local band that my friend was in. They were used in the bands concert programme and promotional material and seeing them published fuelled my interest in photography. Have you had formal training in photography? I...

A few questions to Vinicio Tassani

How did you start with photography? It's the classic story: My father gave me a camera when I was nine, and so began a relationship that would last a lifetime. I had always loved looking at photographs, and soon found that I loved taking them even...

New Font series for photographers

Because we received some requests from our photographers we decided to create the first font from the new series "FONTS FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS". This will help you with your design projects. We will be adding more fonts in the next couple of weeks. Entire collection will...

A few questions to Kevin Holliday

How much emphasis do you put on post-production? I put an enormous amount of effort into the post processing of my captures. I've always felt that it would be really cool to walk outside and see this unique and surrealistic world that does not exist in...

A few questions to Furqan Aziz

How did you start with photography? I observed from my childhood that I loved to live near natural places which always inspired me a lot. During my studies I started visiting different places outside my town and captured the beauty of nature, people, culture and places. Then...

Magic of Hong Kong

This time we would like to share with you one of the best short movies about Hong Kong. Mind-blowing cyberpunk drone video of the craziest Asia’s city by [embed][/embed]   ...


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