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COVER PHOTO Artur J. Heller
Digital and printed Press ID Cards

Become certified journalist of Camerapixo Press Photo-Video International Magazine. Used by many worldwide photographers, videographers, filmmakers, bloggers and drone pilots. It opens many doors. Apply today. Digital Press ID Card is available the same day. Fast integration with your modular online profile.


How do I get
a Press ID Card?

You can apply for Camerapixo Press ID Card in four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Create account,
  • Step 2: Login to your account,
  • Step 3: Use online application form,
  • Step 4: Wait for our decision.

Each press application is carefully reviewed by our team. Digital and printed Press ID Cards with membership are available.

Apply Now

Good reasons
to apply now

  • Faster access,
  • Gate opener,
  • Proof of reputation,
  • Useful,
  • Real value,
  • Help and support,
  • Great tool for freelancers,
  • Accepted worldwide,
  • Press credentials.

What will you get
when approved

Once your application is approved and your payment is submitted you will receive the following:

  • Press ID Cards,
  • Editorial help and support for full year,
  • Modular online press profile,
  • Certified photojournalist documents (PDF),
  • Online accreditation letter creator,
  • Online journalist proof letter creator,
  • Implemented digital card with online profile,
  • Journalist email address (only on request),


Due to the worldwide pandemic situation and the inconvenience of shipping limitations, we offer a DIGITAL PRESS ID Card package which includes:

  • Press Membership with modular online profile.
  • Certificate of Accreditation (PDF)
  • Digital Press ID Card connected to profile,
  • Access to our online digital tools,
  • Editorial full year of help and support.
  • Dedicated journalist email (on request),

After the purchase, we will process your digital Press ID Card and it will be available and implemented the same day on your profile and ready to be displayed on all your electronic devices. Digital Press ID Card will be connected to your online profile on website. The price for this package is: 57 USD (including press support for 12 months). This offer is valid for a LIMITED TIME for all new and existing members.

For your convenience we also offer Digital PLUS package, which includes everything from digital package, plus additional printable PDF files (1 wallet size card), which you can print yourself and laminate if possible at your local print shop.

Apply for Press ID Card


For your convenience we also offer PRESS membership with printed Press ID Cards. This package includes:

  • Press Membership with modular online profile.
  • 3 printed Press ID Cards:
    – SMALL ID (wallet size 2 in. x 3.25 in.),
    (3.5 in. x 4.5 in.),
    (3.5 in. x 6.5 in.).
  • Certificate of Accreditation (PDF)
  • Digital Press ID Card connected to profile,
  • Access to our online digital tools,
  • Editorial full year of help and support,
  • Dedicated journalist email (on request),
  • With each printed package, as a GIFT from us, you will receive a beautiful inspirational bookmark and a special pen with a tip for operating touch screens. This pen is perfect for navigating our website on tablets and mobile phones.

After the purchase, first we will process your digital Press ID Card and it will be available and implemented the same day on your profile and ready to be displayed on all your electronic devices. Printed Press ID Cards will be printed in 2 days and shipped to you by FEDEX (all International orders) and by USPS Priority Mail (US orders only) The price for this package is: 87 USD (including press membership and support for 12 months). Shipping is not included and it will be calculated in the shopping cart. This offer is valid for a LIMITED TIME for all new and existing members.

Apply for Press ID Card

Press ID Card

Let’s define PRESS CARD. For some it might be just a piece of plastic in your wallet. Well… Camerapixo PRESS ID CARD is much more than that. Media is a wide area of interest therefore a Camerapixo PRESS CARD is a practical document you might want to have if you are a photographer / videographer on the move and interested in publishing your stories. With Camerapixo you might later create a gallery dedicated to cultural events you’ve documented. There you have a portfolio and a tool in one place. From time to time the Press ID Card may provide access to blocked-off areas at events, trade shows or public institutions. Our Press ID Card gives you media and press credentials.

The Camerapixo Press ID Cards are for identification purposes only. Visiting events like concerts, football games, theater premieres, trade shows or other social functions and accessing media area is possible with Press Card, some events may require additional accreditation. The Camerapixo Press ID Card is issued to a freelancers. It is accepted worldwide. They identify the bearer as a working photo-video journalist. Note that we can not guarantee that all event organizers will accept your application for accreditation. Some conditions may apply as accreditation are limited and it is up to the event organizer to decide. Most of the time it is very helpful and acceptable.


Who can apply

You must be 21 or older. You must be a photographer / videographer or a drone pilot with equivalent photo-video experience, provide all required information, agree to the terms and conditions. You must have a fully working website (or social network page with your photo-video work) or blog where we can review your photo-video work. Failure to complete all of the ID application requirements will result in the rejection of your application.

Quite often we receive application from individuals who don’t have enough experience in photography. Camerapixo Press ID Card is a tool to gain experience in journalism not photography or video itself. We have all rights to refuse an application without any explanation. Camerapixo account is required to apply for Press ID Card.

Each Press ID Card application is carefully reviewed by our press team. Usually it takes from a few minutes up to 24 hours. By that time you should receive our decision regarding your application. Check your email box or take a look at the message board on your dashboard.

Create Account


We provide you with letter of accreditation for any event worldwide. You may advertise and promote your work on our social media networks and in the Camerapixo photo-video magazines. You will receive discounts for all our professional services from Camerapixo. As a Press ID Card holder you may always ask all kinds of institutions if they offer any discount for journalists.

Publication of your photo reportage in Camerapixo magazine might be a great addition to your portfolio. While at “work” media facilities may be available and meeting interesting people will be within your reach.

“Camerapixo Press ID Card opens many doors” – that’s what our card holders around the world are saying.

You can publish your photo-video reportage from the event you attended with Camerapixo Press ID Card. The more you publish the more chances of getting accreditation to future events.

Note: digital artwork for official Camerapixo Press personalized yellow vest is included in PRESS MEMBERSHIP. Sample artwork is displayed on the right photo including your name and Press ID Card, as well as Camerapixo Press logo. The vest should have imprints at the front (including your first name and your last name). On the back of the vest you should print large CAMERAPIXO PRESS logo. Vest’s artwork* is available under Press Tools on the dashboard.

*Artwork will be available only for all valid press members who were issued the Press ID Card application, starting September 20th 2021.


Processing time
and the cost

Camerapixo Press Certified Photojournalist

Digital and Digital plus package is processed and implemented to your online and modular profile the same day of the payment. Printed package takes up to 2 business days to process, print and ship. For all packages you will receive a digital VISUAL PRESS e-Book which contains a copy of Official Certificate of Accreditation, your Press ID Cards visualization (front and back) and Terms and Conditions. PRESS e-Book will be available for download from your account in a PDF format.

ANNUAL FEES (12 months support included)

  • DIGITAL PACKAGE all countries 57 USD
  • DIGITAL PACKAGE PLUS all countries 67 USD
  • PRINTED PACKAGE all countries 87 USD. Shipping is not included and it will be calculated and added (based on your shipping destination) in the shopping cart. Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or UPS GROUND. All international orders are shipped only via FEDEX.
Apply for Press ID Card

Support for card holders

Along with the International Press ID Card you will get FULL SUPPORT for one year from the date your card was issued. You will also receive help with getting accreditation for any event. Camerapixo Press Card is accepted worldwide by many event organizers.

To receive a LETTER OF ACCREDITATION from Camerapixo please use our online form. We carefully review all letter requests. When approved we will issue a Letter of Accreditation to the specific event which you will forward further. There may be some events which will not require any accreditation and Press ID Card will completely suffice itself. Our Press ID card holders are successfully using the card globally. It does make the photojournalist work easier and quicker.

All approved letters of accreditation you will find in your profile in the section PRESS TOOLS. As well as the rest of press materials such as a digital Press ID Card. The event organizers will be able to view your journalist profile online. At any time the event organizers may contact us to confirm that you are certified Camerapixo photo-video journalist.



Dedicated press
photography magazine

Camerapixo publishes free PRESS MAGAZINES dedicated to journalism. Available online in digital version and hard copy. As a press card holder you may publish your work in those magazines. You may submit your work for a review and acceptance for publication. We present professional photo-video journalism from around the world. With journalism, a photographer or videographer is focused on using images to tell a story of cultural events, photo essays, short films and more.

You may also publish your reportage photography as a stand alone, dedicated publication online. Our team will design it for you and publish it. This is also great tool for a photographer / videographer to showcase creative work to wider audience. Many event organizers usually ask for a proof of publication. That’s why Camerapixo is the best place to do it. There is the only magazine online with that many great features and possibilities for photographers, videographers and drone pilots.

Press cards for
drone pilots

We know that it may be difficult to use drones due to many different regulations in different places in different countries. And we also know that having Press ID Card can be very helpful in many different situations. Specially when you are a certified drone pilot and need to get to some restricted areas to do photo-video assignments. Of course we can’t guarantee that you will get access everywhere, but having the Camerapixo Press Card with you, may be a door opener in many different situations when shooting outdoor with the drone. The Press card is connected with the magazine and publishing, which is very helpful. You may publish not just the photos but also a videos in our magazines. We can support you in many different ways.

Being a Certified Camerapixo Press freelance journalist and being a Press ID Card holder can be very helpful for your projects with aerial photo-videography. Press ID Card is a very good addition to your remote pilot drone FAA 107 certificate. Create your account and apply for your new Press ID Card. Join our global photo-video journalists.


8 reasons to apply for Press ID Card

Fast access

With a press ID card, journalists gain much faster access to various social events big or small, worldwide. Gaining access to the Press Pit may sometimes be a difficult task but some events do not require applying for accreditation ahead, in this situation a PRESS card should suffice for entering.

Gate opener

Provides access to blocked-off areas, backstage at events, trade shows or public institutions. These days most photo-video journalists would not like to be without this document. This is much harder than one might think it is to obtain.

Proof and reputation

A Press ID Card is proof of a professional, reputable occupation, which means not just anyone receives such document. We carefully review each applicant for Press ID Card, so before you apply make sure to have a working website or portfolio to present your experience with photography and video. Once you receive press credentials, the event organizers might want to to buy/use your images – videos.


It has helped many journalists get out of tricky situations when dealing with soldiers, police or officials. Not only it is useful when dealing with security personnel but also it makes it easier for photo-video journalist to move around and take photos as people may give you the advantage of trust.

Real value

It offers real value for journalists via the magazine, to publish their own articles and photos / videos of events they covered. Once you are ready, submit your story to Camerapixo team for a review, we will be happy to publish it in PRESS dedicated issue. New experience in the field of photography and video is one of the advantages a journalist will enjoy.

Help and support

Once you are Camerapixo Press Card holder, you will be supported by our team at all times. You will get a full year as long as your Press ID Card is valid. Either it’s Letter of Accreditation or email from Editor-in-chief, we are here for you, to back you up all the way. For each requested event you will receive support by issued letters of confirmation (accreditation) from the editorial office.

Perfect tool

Press ID Card is available for freelance journalists, writers and authors, photojournalists, videographers, press agents etc related to photography and video. It is absolutely the perfect tool when you have a project in mind and are working on your own terms. Do what it takes and you just might be the next big name in the Press industry.

Recognized worldwide

Camerapixo magazines are recognized around the world. Thanks to the variety of it’s publications and a diverse network of other journalists and media professionals, Camerapixo Press ID Card makes it easy to start working as an independent contributor.

Digital Press ID Card on your smartphone

always on digital press id card for freelance photographers and videographers

Terms and Conditions

Last update: June 2021

§. ONE

The Camerapixo International Press ID Cards are for identification purposes only. Visiting events like concerts, football games, theater premieres, trade shows or other social functions and accessing media area is possible with Press ID, some events may require additional accreditation. We reserve the right to deny Press ID Card application, if it doesn’t meet our standards and requirements, without any explanation.

§. TWO

The Camerapixo Press ID Card is issued to a freelancer. Camerapixo does not pay for photo reportage and by issuing Camerapixo Press ID Card, Camerapixo does not hire a photographer / videographer. Our magazine promotes and publishes photographers / videographers and their work from many different countries.


Please use caution when dealing with any other organization that makes claims that their card/credential/pass will serve such a purpose. Such organizations that promise “guaranteed access” credentials may not be able to deliver all that they promise. When covering an event do not interfere with other photographers / videographers, event personnel or attendees. Do not interfere with emergency personnel.


It does not guarantee access, permission, admission to events, accident, crime, fire scenes. Press ID Card is here to make work easier for journalists and helps to access the inaccessible for public areas. Camerapixo Team is always helping to get you accreditation.


Any notice to Camerapixo of unprofessional or unethical behavior by a photographer / videographers will result in loss of Press ID card and any accreditation in the future.

§. SIX

Each photographer / videographer (“Bearer”) applying for or using Camerapixo Press ID Card acknowledges and agrees to the following: You must be a minimum of 21 years of age and not presently a convicted felon. Camerapixo is not liable for any incidental, consequential, direct or indirect damages (including but not limited to damages for loss of revenue, business interruption, expenses and the like) arising from the use, misuse and/or the inability to use the Camerapixo Press ID Card (ID).


The Bearer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Camerapixo, its officers, directors, employees, and agents from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, resulting from any violation of this agreement (including negligent or wrongful conduct) by the Bearer or any other person using/displaying said ID.


Camerapixo has the right to request a photo-video reportage from specific event to which a photographer / videographer was accredited and confirmed with Camerapixo.


You can’t duplicate or re-sell Camerapixo Press ID Card in any format digital or printed.

§. TEN

All personalized goods including Camerapixo Press ID Cards are non-refundable. This includes Digital Press ID Card package.


All new applicants and existing (for Press card renewal) must apply for Camerapixo Press ID Card, via our online form. We will not accept applications via email. Please keep in mind that the name on your Press ID Card and your online profile need to match. Press ID card is only valid when it matches your name with any other official document such as passport, driver’s license or any other official ID card.


We can only accept letters of accreditation submitted via online form. We reserve all rights to refuse any application, where online form is incomplete.


The Bearer is responsible for checking the correct data on the digital version of the card, such as name, card number and country, same day the card is issued to the photographer. If there is any incorrect information, please contact us immediately.


All gifts and promotions are valid and delivered from the date of posting on website. All promotions and gifts are limited time offer and may end at any time.


Any rights and privileges granted to Bearer shall automatically terminate if any term of this credential shall be breached.


The Bearer acknowledges receipt and review of, and agrees to be bound by, these terms and conditions.

Press ID Cards for freelance photographers,
journalists, videographers and bloggers

Additional accessories
for photojournalists

If you would like to use our official Camerapixo Press logo/brand on any specific apparel please contact us.
We can design it for you and deliver it as a digital product (service) which you can use with our written permission.
This type of service is only valid for Camerapixo Press active and valid photo-video journalists.
NOTE: All photos shown below are additional Camerapixo Press accessories that are just for informational purposes.
Accessories are not included in the digital press package.

Common questions
about Press ID Cards

How do I get a freelance press pass?

There are a few options available. One of them is to apply for Camerapixo Press ID Card to get press credentials and become a certified freelance journalist. Camerapixo International Photography Magazine is well establish photography publication. You will need to create a free account and apply for our Press ID Card. You may choose from Digital to Printed package. This is paid press service which includes 12 months of press support.

Where do I get media/press credentials?

Media or press credentials are offered for freelancers, bloggers, photographers, drone pilots and others involved in print or online media through our press department. Join us and apply for Press ID Card to get your press credentials. Credentials may be issued to identify someone as a recognized journalist, they are not required but very helpful. If you can proof that you are working as a freelance photo journalist and have been published in a well established photography magazine, it can help you to get an accreditation for an event. Press credentials may be in a form of Press ID Card (badge/press pass), letter of accreditation from the publisher.

How do you become an accredited journalist?

First you need to earn a degree, such as Bachelor’s degree in journalism and then pursue an internship.
Journalists employed by news organizations are usually accredited but it’s up to each organization. Camerapixo Press does not offer employment or degree in journalism, we only work with freelancers and offer them tools to make the job of photojournalist easier. Our Press ID Card holders receive a digital Certificate of accreditation. We can also issue a Journalist proof letter if you collaborate with us.

Do drone pilots need press passes?

The drone pilots do not need a Press pass to fly drones, however in most states anyone who flies a drone for commercial purposes anywhere in the United States must have a Part 107 license from the FAA. Press pass (Press ID Card) is an additional certification which may make the job easier in certain situations when attending an event or photographing / aerial filming.

What does press accreditation mean?

In general, accreditation is a process of being certified as a credible and authentic entity. Press accreditation is reserved only to members of the press who represent a bona fide media organization. Applicants must demonstrate that they are professional representatives. In this case Press ID Card holder is representing Camerapixo Press photography magazine.

Can bloggers get press passes?

Yes. Anyone who is working as a journalist, whether part time or full time, may apply for a press pass. Bloggers very often need to get to restricted areas, same as photographers or videographers. In this case Press pass may be a very helpful tool which can open some closed doors. Of course there is not 100% guarantee. But belonging to a photo publishing house is very useful, in this case Camerapixo Press International Photography Magazine is your publishing house. You may publish some articles, photos or videos. We help you to create media credentials as well as accreditation letters. We can send you a proof of being a freelance journalist, photo journalist, videographer.