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A few questions to Noa Nick

How did you start with photography?

I always captured moments in my childhood. I started with a Zenit camera. I documented family events. Then I stopped for a while and after the birth of my children I picked up a Kodac C310 again. I started being active in 2009, and in 2015 I opened my first photo studio in New Jersey, in the New York Metropolitan area.

How much emphasis do you put on post-production?

Not a lot. I try to keep natural effects. Photoshop is not my best friend.

Who are some of your favorite photographers?

Sebastiao Salgado and Douglas Dubler. Salgado inspires me because he did a lot for humanity with his photos and Dubler because even though he is a fashion and advertisement photographer, he grasped me with his personality and works. I think he has a great personality that has a lot to learn from.

What genre would you most like to experiment in?

As I said in the last question about my plans, I would like to travel more and photograph people and places all throughout Hungary, for everyone to get a better grasp of how the country actually looks.

What’s in my backpack?

  • Sony a7RIII
  • Sony a7RIV
  • Sony 16-35 f2.8 lens
  • Sony 24-70 f2.8 lens
  • Sony 70-200 f2.8 lens
  • Sony 200-600 F5,6-6.3 lens
  • Godox AD200 Speedlight
  • Godox SK 400 II
  • Filters, tripods, soft box etc.

Have you got any hints or tips to share with aspiring photographers?

Have a good website, take as many photos of all genres, and after a year take out all your photos and see what you shot the most. You’ll find what kind of photographer you are and where to categorize yourself in terms of genre. Don’t be motivated by money, you’ll only be one of the many. If you really want to make a mark, achieve big things. Look for achievements, that’s how you grow your brand. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Sleep with your camera. Practice makes perfect.

What advice do you have for individuals interested in pursuing a career in photography?

Listen to your heart and not other photographers. Your own path made you who you are, don’t try to go follow others. You can be inspired but stay true to yourself.

What are your plans for this year in photography?

I would like to help my country to be known, because there are beautiful people and beautiful landmarks throughout the country. I would like to lift the spirits up of my fellow Hungarians through my photos. For this reason I need to move back there from the United States. I have many plans that would be hard to describe in shorter sentences, but I am full with plans for sure.

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