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A few questions to Pedros Fortuna Gomes

How did you start with photography?

My passion for photography comes from my grandfather and from the hours I spent with him in the dark room I was 10 years old, the whole process was fascinating

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your photographic career?

I was preparing to cover a motorcycle race, when I dropped my camera that broke down, and I only had the option to use the old konica with a 50mm from my father and do the whole event. In 2 days I grew more as a photographer than in the previous 3 years.


Who is your favourite artist?

Peter Read Miller, Old School, but in Volleybal my favorit sport Conny Kurth is an inspiration…

If you could photograph anyone/anywhere in the world, who/where would you photograph and why?

I love volleyball, but I started to photograph rally, my dream was to photograph the WRC for a full year. It’s not a place but all those places…

Which one item of equipment would you say is the most important to you?

My Canon 7D Mark II, s the camera that has been with me for 8 years, it was with her that I took my best photos and will always be with me, even though I am considering buying an R6.


What are your plans for this year in photography?

We are in an unusual year, the covid, but I hope to continue to cover volleyball and all the sporting events that I have the opportunity.

What’s your favorite gear?

Canon and Sigma

What’s in my backpack?

The bag always carries Canon 7D Mark II, Sigma 17-50 2.8, Canon 70-200 2.8L and a Youngnuo flash.
in the backpack, Canon 7D mark II and 750D with 50mm 1.8, canon 24-105 4L, battery chargers, monopod, laptop, tablet, mini tripod, tape and straps.


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